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Lee Murdock: A Concert of Irish Music

Mar ’13126:30 PM

Best known for his interpretations of Great Lakes maritime songs, Murdock has also spent many years researching and performing songs from Ireland. In fact, Murdock’s musical influences span over five centuries, from ancient Celtic harp melodies to piano rags written by the likes of Scott Joplin, to more contemporary American music.

Songs of the Irish immigrants who settled in Chicago and the Midwest will be included in the concert, including an anthem honoring the Irish laborers who built the Illinois and Michigan Canal (and Erie Canal), and those who settled on Michigan’s Beaver Island. Murdock will round out the program with some boisterous pub songs for all to join in, alongside some sweet ballads from the Emerald Isle.

Please call 1-800-613-3163 to register for this program. This program will be held in 218 Alton Square Mall, upper level.

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