326 Belle Street, Alton, IL
Phone: 618-462-0651
Fax: 618-462-0665

About Us

Community Resource and Service Center

No longer just a depository for books, we are an invaluable community resource and service center.

We provide:

  • Free arts & entertainment programming
  • Reference services at 433-2864 or e-mail reference@haynerlibrary.org
  • Voter registration (requires two current forms of ID)
  • Reserve lists for popular titles
  • Books on tape, compact disc and Mp3
  • Movies and documentaries
  • Parent’s Collection related to child care
  • Online access to a wide range of materials through interlibrary loan
  • Notary services – call to confirm a notary is available
  • Internet access and searchable full-text electronic resources
  • Dial-a-Story at 462-TALE (462-8253)
  • Summer reading program, story hours and other reading activities