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Monsanto Science Materials: A Complete List

Monsanto Science CollectionThe Hayner Public Library District is excited to announce the availability of Science Resources for Education, a gift from the Monsanto Fund. New DVDs covering biology, chemistry, ecological topics, space, and physics are now available for checkout! Many topics for grade levels K-3 and 4-6 are covered in the series “Show Me Science” and “Science I Need to Know,” among other excellent instructional and informative DVDs. Most DVDs in the above series are 15 minutes in length, appropriate complementary or introductory content for classroom or homeschool use. Young adults, grades 7-12, have access to DVDs from Nova and PBS.

In addition, the Monsanto Fund grant funded 30 science kits for K-8th grades involving many STEM topics. “Learning Science” activity tubs cover a myriad of topics and projects in the sciences, along with “A Simple Machine Lab,” an anatomy model, a stethoscope, and a microscope. Hayner had purchased a set of “Core Concepts” books covering STEM topics last year, and the Monsanto Fund allowed us to complete the series with ten books on physics.

The Monsanto Fund awarded the library $6000 toward the purchase of resources. Feedback from teachers, parents, and library staff contributed to the selection of DVDs and science kits. The DVDS, therefore, contain the most current, up-to-date information available on each topic in this format.

Click here to see a complete listing of all materials purchased with the Monsanto Fund grant.