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Food for Fines 222

Yearly, we have held a fine amnesty program, Food for Fines, in October. We will waive current fines on Hayner material if you contribute a nonperishable food item for each fine during the amnesty period.

During the holiday season, many community organizations hold drives to support centers such as the Crisis Food Center, but we often forget about helping those in need at other times of the year. We are holding this amnesty program in October to help people without waiting for the support of “holiday generosity.” It may also help make Thanksgiving a happier time for families in need.

From October 1 through October 31, 2017, anyone who has an overdue Hayner item can pay his or her fine with a canned food item. Library materials must be returned with food donations, at least one food item per fine, and only Hayner materials are eligible. All food items collected throughout the month will be given to the Crisis Food Center in Alton. Of course, even if you don’t have fines, feel free to donate items to help others in our community.

Perhaps you have some Hayner materials that got lost under the couch or behind the DVD player. Now is a great opportunity to return those items to the library and avoid the fines that have accrued. Fine amnesty is a great way to support critically important community organizations such as the Crisis Food Center—and it is also a great opportunity to return “lost” materials to the library so they can be reshelved for circulation. Thank you for your support.


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