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Food For Fido Fine Amnesty Program

Do you have some Hayner Library materials that got lost under the couch or in the back seat of your car? Food for Fido is an excellent opportunity to return those items to the library and avoid the accrued fines. Hayner Library’s fine amnesty program, Food for Fido, will take place from April 1 through April 30, 2024. During this period, patrons with overdue Hayner Library items can pay their fine with pet food and care items.

Library materials must be returned at the same time you donate the pet care items. We ask that you bring at least one pet care item for each overdue library item. This program applies only to overdue Hayner Library materials. The library will donate the pet care items to the Alton Area Animal Aid Association (5As).

Food for Fido is a great way to support community organizations such as the 5As, and it is also an excellent opportunity to return “lost” materials to the library so that other patrons can check them out. Thank you for your support!