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Bailey, Tessa — The Au Pair Affair
Cameron, Marc — Bad River (Arliss Cutter)
Castillo, Linda — The Burning (Kate Burkholder)
Coulter, Catherine — Flashpoint: An FBI Thriller
Dailey, Janet — Calder Country
Durst, Sarah Beth — The Spellshop
Freeman, Brian — Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Shadow
Giffin, Emily — The Summer Pact
Harkness, Deborah — The Black Bird Oracle (All Souls)
Jewell, Lisa — Breaking the Dark
Lapena, Shari — What Have You Done?
Parker, T. Jefferson — Desperation Reef
Patterson, James — Confessions of the Dead
Patterson, James — Hard to Kill (Jane Smith)
Pearse, Sarah — The Wilds
Quinn, Kate — The Briar Club
Robotham, Michael — Storm Child
Rosenfelt, David — Dog Day Afternoon: An Andy Carpenter Mystery
Silva, Daniel — A Death in Cornwall
Sullivan, J. Courtney — The Cliffs
Thor, Brad — Shadow of Doubt: A Thriller