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Orange you glad we suggested these book titles?


by Thrity Umrigar

An Indian American journalist travels back to India to cover the story of a Hindu woman attacked by her community for the man she loves and finds a complicated love of her own.

Bitter Orange

by Claire Fuller

A dying old woman recalls the summer of 1969: a crumbling English mansion, her bond with a glamourous, hedonistic couple, and the crime that colors their time together.


by Ann Patchett

When an affair becomes two divorces and a blended family, and their story is adapted by a famous author, a group of siblings must reckon with the truth of it all and their responsibility to each other.

The Secret Lives of Church Ladies

by Deesha Philyaw

In this collection of short stories, an array of Black women and girls find independence, vulnerability, reprieve, and love in many shapes and forms.

Supper Club

by Lara Williams

Roberta and Stevie form a secret society for women — the Supper Club — where they can satiate their hunger, take up space, and become the fullest and most fulfilled version of themselves.

In the Country of Others

by Leila Slimani

After WWII, a Moroccan solider and his French wife settle down in Morocco where they’re forced to navigate their place in their own worlds and each other’s.


by Helen Oyeyemi

Harriet and Perdita, mother and daughter, seem normal enough until you look more closely in this modern fairytale.

Writers and Lovers

by Lily King

A struggling writer on the brink of leaving one phase of life behind for another faces crises of all manner: creative, romantic, and the waning of youth.

This is How It Always Is

by Laurie Frankel

When it becomes clear that their youngest child is transgender, two parents keep this revelation a secret — until they can’t.

Bad Fruit

by Ella King

A 17-year-old “mama’s girl” caters to her mother’s every demand, but soon begins to peel back the layers of dysfunction in her volatile family dynamic.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Grady Hendrix

When a mysterious, handsome man shows up in their small, Southern town, it’s up to a women’s book club to find out if he’s the monster some suspect.

Vampires in the Lemon Grove

by Karen Russell

Magic, monsters, and the surreal abound in this collection of unnerving, but revealing, short stories.