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The Shining

by Stephen King

One of the most iconic ghost stories: the Torrance family spends a harsh winter at the Overlook Hotel, where happenings become increasingly sinister as isolation sets in.

The Hacienda

by Isabel Canas

Beatriz accepts a marriage proposal despite rumors about the death of his first wife. It’s her chance at having a home again — until she begins to feel a terrifying presence there.

The Removed

by Brandon Hobson

Drawing on Cherokee myths and history, the Echota family moves through grief in different ways as the border between reality and the spirit world blurs.

Theme Music

by T. Marie Vandelly

Dixie’s father killed her family and himself, leaving only baby Dixie behind. When the family home goes up for sale 25 years later, she moves in and finds her family may still be there after all.

Summer Sons

by Lee Mandelo

Andrew and Eddie do everything together. When Eddie dies before Andrew can join him at grad school, Andrew is left to uncover Eddie’s secret life while being haunted by a phantom.

Daughters of the Lake

by Wendy Webb

Kate dreams that she’s another woman. When that woman washes up on the lakeshore, Kate is driven to uncover the meaning of their connection and soon begins unraveling the lake’s other secrets.

The Invited

by Jennifer McMahon

A married couple looking for the quiet life build their dream home out in the country. Using materials found on the property, they forge a deep and menacing connection to the previous owners.

The Ghost Bride

by Yangsze Choo

It is 1893 and Li Lan has received a proposal from a wealthy, powerful family — to marry their dead son. After Li accepts, she realizes she will be haunted in more ways than she accounted for.


by Toni Morrison

Another iconic ghost story: Sethe, born into slavery, escapes to the North, but cannot escape from her memories. When a girl called Beloved shows up, those memories are pulled into the light.

Beyond Black

by Hilary Mantel

A professional psychic and her assistant move to the suburbs in Southeast England, where their connection to the spirit world becomes more and more troublesome.

The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida

by Shehan Karunatilaka

When Maali Almeida wakes up dead in his office, he has no idea who killed him. In the afterlife, he has seven moons to decide his fate and the fate of Sri Lanka.

The Little Stranger

by Sarah Waters

In postwar Britain, Dr. Faraday makes a house call to the once-wealthy Ayres family. In their now decaying home, something more than the past is haunting them.