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The Genealogy & Local History Library is starting a project to digitize all the Hayner Library newsletters and make them available (and searchable!) on archive.org. However, there are several we do not have in our possession. If you’ve saved any of these Hayner Library newsletters over the years, please consider bringing them to the library for our project! We’ll certainly take donations, but if it’s a newsletter you’d like to keep, we can also digitize it and return it to you.

We are currently seeking the following issues:

1993 – Spring, Summer, Fall
1994 – Summer
1995 – Spring, Summer, Fall
1996 – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
1997 – Spring, Fall, Winter
1998 – Spring
1999 – Spring
2000 – Summer
2001 – Winter
2008 – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

If you’d like to see what the finished project will look like, newsletters from 2015-2022 are already viewable on our online collection at archive.org. We appreciate your help in preserving the heritage of The Hayner Public Library District!